Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'CSI' Renewed; Jeremy Sisto on 'Suburgatory' Relationship; 'Raising Hope' Musical Photos + Advance Review...

"CBS renews CSI for 2013-2014 TV season"

CBS announced today a contract extension for Ted Danson, current star of C.S.I., and what that means is C.S.I is moving forward for a fourteenth season... [MORE]

We all know opposites often attract in relationships, but when it comes to George (Jeremy Sisto) and Dallas (Cheryl Hines) on ABC's Suburgatory, it has recently begun to seem as if opposites may attract but may not be meant to be. This second season has seen a lot of ups and downs for the characters as they struggle with getting on the same page-- and then staying there. And Sisto said that things will not be smooth sailing any time soon. Sure, that's where some of the comedy comes from, especially as he gears up to serenade her with her favorite R. Kelly number, but it's also where some of the heart of the show comes in... [MORE]

"First Look: Raising Hope celebrates Judaism with an original TV musical"

Season finales of FOX's Raising Hope usually come with a revelation about Lucy (Bijou Phillips)-- and usually that revelation is that she's not actually dead after all. But season three put all that behind the show, and now, the finale revelation is hitting much closer to home for the Chance family. With a visit from Burt's parents (guest stars Shirley Jones and Lee Majors), he learns he is part Jewish. And since that "part" is on his mother's side, tradition says that makes him Jewish, too. Immediately his mother lays on the guilt for him to embrace that side of himself and have a Bar Mitzvah, which leads into the best penultimate episode of a season this show has ever delivered, but-- dare we say it?-- it may also be the best episode in general. "Burt Mitzvah" is a musical extravaganza (featuring all original tunes) to celebrate family, tradition, and of course pop culture-- as is the Chance way... [MORE]

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