Monday, March 4, 2013

From LA Examiner: Goran Visnjic Talks About 'Red Widow'; 'The Following' Photo Preview; 'Switched at Birth' All-ASL Advance Review + Photo Preview; Luke Goss Talks 'Red Widow'; FOX Renews 4...

When Melissa Rosenberg was casting the role of Schiller for her new ABC drama Red Widow, she needed an actor who was charismatic and enigmatic but who could be chilling, too. Schiller may be a bad guy, but he's not a "big bad" of the series. Far from it, in fact, because as the heroine, Marta (Radha Mitchell) may team up with him out of duress at first, but she works with him nonetheless. And as they work together, an attraction grows. You can't just be a one-note baddie for that to happen. With Goran Visnjic, though, Rosenberg got something else she didn't quite expect for the character... [MORE]

Though newly re-deputized Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) came thisclose to taking down three of Joe Caroll's (James Purefoy) key acolytes in FOX's The Following just last week, he lost his chance when his FBI colleagues trusted the wrong people in local law enforcement. It turned out Carroll had someone who was really working for him planted in the department and who ended up on the investigation, so Emma (Valorie Curry) managed to escape with Joey (Kyle Catlett), while Jacob (Nico Tortorella) car-jacked a guy to get a bleeding Paul (Adan Canto) to safety. Unfortunately for Hardy, though, all of that was just one big diversion. What Carroll is really after right now is getting moved from his current prison to a new one... [MORE]

"Switched at Birth goes silent for emotional, all-ASL, "shut in" protest ep, "Uprising"

"Until the world walks in our shoes, they will never understand," Melody Bledsoe (Marlee Matlin) tells her Deaf Studies class in Switched at Birth while devoting class time to airing emotions about integrating after learning Carlton will be closed. But this simple line of dialogue within the episode "Uprising" can be used as the genesis for everything that follows after-- not for the characters within the show but the show and its audience itself. Switched at Birth has already opened deaf culture to thousands of viewers who might not have ordinarily given it a second thought or ever known someone who spoke ASL. Now it is going one step farther in putting the audience directly in those characters' shoes with its all-ASL episode... [MORE]

"Meet Marta's Red Widow protector, Luke Goss (VIDEO)"

ABC's Red Widow is full of characters who are living double lives, of sorts, and lying to each other (or themselves), deceiving the ones they love, all while claiming to put the family first. But Luther (Luke Goss) is a rare exception, a much simpler character who truly does cherish this adopted family of sorts in which he found himself. Hired by Marta's (Radha Mitchell) father, after the murder of her husband, he is asked to basically be her bodyguard, and he does it, no questions asked... [MORE]

"FOX renews The Following, Raising Hope, New Girl, The Mindy Project"

We are deep in the middle of pilot season here in Los Angeles, but before FOX views any potential new shows for their 2013-2014 line-up, the network went ahead and renewed a couple of favorites... [MORE]

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