Friday, March 22, 2013

From LA Examiner: Jessica Lucas Talks 'Cult' Twist; 'Orphan Black' Advance Review...

As if Cult wasn’t twisty and convoluted enough, it is soon diving into a hallucinatory dream world of sorts in order to allow Skye (Jessica Lucas) to confront her past. In “The Kiss,” Skye and Jeff (Matt Davis) dress up like the fans of the show within the show, “Cult”—with Jeff as Billy Grimm—and head to a party to get even more answers. There something is slipped in Skye’s drink—a special something that is just like a drug Billy uses on the show. She begins to freak out, and her troubles don’t stop there. In fact, she collapses the morning after the fan party in the following episode, “The Good Fight,” and slips into an unconscious state where she sees herself trapped at Billy’s compound, with faces from her past haunting her. She even runs into her dear old (possibly departed) dad (guest star Obba Babatunde)... [MORE]

When we first heard the concept of Orphan Black on BBC America, we Tweeted that it reminded us of a science fiction version of Ringer. In the opening of the pilot, a young woman with a troubled past, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany), watches a woman with her face commit suicide in front of a train and then steal her belongings to ultimately steal her life. Suddenly former foster child Sarah becomes Beth Childs, a woman with a modern apartment, gorgeous boyfriend, comfortable savings account, and high profile police job. But comparing Orphan Black to Ringer was a short-sighted mistake. After that initial simple similarity of one woman slipping into another woman's life, Orphan Black diverges into a much more mature and complex tale of murder, suspicion, and genetic engineering. Orphan Black is a riveting piece of original storytelling that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout each episode and salivating for the next piece of story as soon as the current one comes to a close... [MORE]

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