Monday, March 18, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'The Voice' Adam Levine Exclusive; 'Awkward' Season 3 Set; Warren Kole Talks 'The Following'; Brenda Strong on 'Dallas' Motherhood...

It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you an exclusive video clip with The Voice coach Adam Levine before the third season of the show, but wouldn't you know it? The fourth season is actually right around the corner and NBC was kind enough to give LA TV Insider Examiner an exclusive of Levine again-- this time dishing on the other coaches. This time around, newbs Shakira and Usher join Big Red Chair vets (or "stale faces," as Levine put it) Levine and Blake Shelton. So how did Levine feel they matched up? ... [MORE]

"MTV announces Awkward season 3 premiere; The cast previews new eps + webisodes"

It seems like forever ago that Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) on MTV's Awkward finally made her choice between Jake (Brett Davern) and Matty (Beau Mirchoff). In all honesty, it was just a few months ago, but the season ended just as she declared her new relationship, and we have to admit, we felt a little cheated as to what would come next. Thankfully, though, it is almost time for Awkward to return with its third season-- and this time, it's super sized! MTV announced today that the first ten episodes of the season will begin airing on April 16 2013 at 10 p.m... [MORE]

"The Following's Warren Kole dissects Roderick's adjusted Oedipus Complex"

Fans of FOX's The Following heard a lot about the mysterious Roderick before he actually showed up on-screen, in Joe Carroll's (James Purefoy) "new chapter." He was the man in charge while Carroll was "away" in prison, and he designated a lot of tasks. But despite this-- and despite the revelation that he had actually been working with Carroll from long before Carroll went to prison that first time-- Roderick is still not privy to everything, the way a true partner would be. Though his portrayer Warren Kole admitted that Roderick would certainly like to consider himself an equal with Carroll, he is very much one of Carroll's followers-- his first, perhaps truest follower-- not a partner... [MORE]

"Brenda Strong finds Ann's vulnerability as a new mom on Dallas"

The first half of the second season of TNT's Dallas focused pretty heavily on Ann (Brenda Strong) as she learned her kidnapped daughter was not only alive but in her ex-husband's custody this whole time. Ann struggled and faltered a little bit, which led to shooting him point-blank in the chest, only for him to still live and testify against her. But Ann held her head up high during the trial and managed to win sympathy not only from the judge and jury but also her own daughter who had been raised under intense scrutiny and many lies about her mother. Emma (Emma Bell) moving further into Ann's life-- and house-- just may be the toughest challenge this strong Texan has to face, though, as she learns that the darling daughter she sees still as a toddler she lost at a fair is actually quite flawed and troubled... [MORE]

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