Thursday, March 7, 2013

From LA Examiner: Yvette Nicole Brown Talks 'Community' Thanksgiving; 'The New Normal' Cast Previews Baby Time; 'Happy Endings' Return Photos...

NBC's The New Normal is counting down until its season finale, and with only a few episodes left-- and a few weeks left in Goldie's (Georgia King) pregnancy-- the gang is preparing for the big delivery. Series EP Ali Adler confirmed for LA TV Insider Examiner that the show will, in fact, deliver Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David's (Justin Bartha) son by the end of the season. And although there are a lot of changes that come along with a baby, most of the characters feel more than ready for the challenge... [MORE]

"Yvette Nicole Brown talks going home with Shirley for a Community Thanksgiving"

NBC's Community has been spending more and more time off-campus in season four, and for yet another very special holiday episode, we will soon get to go home with yet another Greendale study group member: Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown)! ... [MORE]

"First Look: Happy Endings pairs Max and Penny for a drug-fueled sleep romp"

All of you die hard Happy Endings fans know just how crazy things can get when you stick Max (Adam Pally) and Penny (Casey Wilson) together, but because of the way season three has progressed with her personal life, there hasn't been much time for the dynamic duo to pair off. Earlier in the season, Max was jealous of losing out on "Penny time," but when the show returns in its new time slot, with an all-new episode, that feeling will seem like a thing of the past. "In the Heat of the Noche" is an episode half-devoted to Max and Penny, as she attempts to help him break one of his bad dating habits... [MORE]

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