Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Arrow' Season Finale Spoilers; 'The Following' Season Finale Post-Mortem & Season Two Teases; 'Dallas' Renewed...

In the middle of The CW's first season of Arrow, the show delivered a show with such explosive action, big character reveals, and overall intense stakes (especially for being so early in the show's run), that it prompted a "Holy sh*tballs!" Tweet-fest between the cast as they received their copies of the episode script. If that could happen in the middle of the season's run, then Colin Donnell promised us that "Holy sh*tballs isn't going to cover it" when it comes to the season finale... [MORE]

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) on FOX's The Following wasn't just trying to reunite his family or get under Ryan Hardy's (Kevin Bacon) skin; he was also trying to achieve a level of success with his work that he just never seemed to manage as a writer. That manifested itself on the season finale episode, and Carroll's "Final Chapter" of his new book with bringing his wife Claire (Natalie Zea) to a lighthouse and waiting for Hardy to happen upon them so the three could have it out over their history... [MORE]

"The Following EPs talk plans for season two and The Gothic Sea"

With the first season of FOX's The Following literally just coming to an end, many fans may need a breather or at least a week of happy, light-hearted programming to decompress before diving into the potential for season two. But not LA TV Insider Examiner! The season finale hadn't even aired yet when we caught up with series EPs Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega in Los Angeles, and already we had some burning questions. Of course they couldn't answer everything just yet, but here's what we do know... [MORE]

"Kevin Bacon offers thoughts on The Following season two"

FOX's The Following creator Kevin Williamson didn't want to say much about where he would take his story in season two, but one thing was certain: if anyone had job security on that show, it was Kevin Bacon. As the FBI agent responsible for bringing in Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) almost a decade earlier, Hardy was the key to catching him yet again in present day. The complicated history between the two men, as well as the hard past Ryan had on his own, from a much younger age, offered Williamson a unique take on a character we've seen time and again. And because of that, Williamson was happy to repeat that he has "a lot more story" for Bacon's Hardy-- both in his past and his present, noting that we "need to see the aftermath of this and the effects of this [finale]"... [MORE]

"TNT renews Dallas for season three"

After a season that dealt with the untimely death of J.R. Ewing (and portrayer Larry Hagman) in a way that paid tribute to the original series, the extended Ewing family and feuds, and the actor himself, TNT has officially renewed Dallas for a third season. Fifteen brand new episodes will premiere in 2014... [MORE]

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