Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Awkward' Season 3 Scoop from the Cast...

"Awkward S3 revisits old relationships, expands new ones, exposes a big secret"

The third season of MTV's Awkward is about to premiere, and it starts with a cheeky jab at how the series itself started: with Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and Jenna (Ashley Rickards) doing it at camp. It may be a whole other summer, and Matty and Jenna may have been through some major ups and downs, but in many ways, their relationship is right back at its starting point. After all, the first go-around had Matty unwilling to admit they were dating. He didn't want to hold her hand; he didn't want to talk openly in school; he definitely didn't want to DTR. So she chose Jake (Brett Davern) instead, and Matty learned what it felt like to lose something he cared about for not treating it like he cared. And now having grown separately, Matty and Jenna are back together at the start of season three, hopefully ready and able to prove they have put the past behind them and are mature enough to just move forward... [MORE]

The character of Lacey (Nikki DeLoach) on MTV's Awkward has been tested just as much as her on-screen daughter Jenna (Ashley Rickards) has in the first two seasons on air. Only two episodes into the third season of the series, and it certainly seems like that is truer now more than ever. While this is not a series that dives deeply into dual narrators, giving Lacey and Jenna parallel stories, in many ways the most long-term important, and yes dramatic, moments come out of their relationship. Boys come and go-- sometimes even friends come and go-- but that mother/daughter duo is forever. And Jenna leaning on her mother during a pregnancy scare is just the start of a new chapter in their relationship and therefore for the show... [MORE]

So much of the first two seasons of MTV's Awkward was focused on the love lives of the characters-- actually, so much of high school life in general focuses on relationships!-- that it seemed like season three, the "Who do I want to be?" season would follow in those footsteps for certain characters. Admittedly, Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) was one we put in that category. After all, it wasn't until the final moments of the second season finale that her own romantic life even heated up, and a girl with the flair for fitting in and thriving on drama like Tamara might easily turn into someone who answers "Who do I want to be?" with "Someone's girlfriend." As we have already seen from the third season premiere, Tamara has changed slightly now that she and Jake (Brett Davern) are officially together, but thankfully this show isn't stopping there. Instead, in the same episode, Tamara and Reed had to tackle some tough emotions and take a more dramatic turn than was expected for her over the death of her ex, Ricky Schwartz (Matt Fahey)... [MORE]

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