Thursday, April 18, 2013

From LA Examiner: Emily Kapnek 'Suburgatory' Season Finale Post-Mortem; Amazon Allows Audience to Play TV Exec; 'Bates Motel' Coming to Paley; 'Dating in LA' Casting & Crowdfunding News; 'Supernatural', 'Arrow', and 'Happy Endings' Photos...

In both of the (seemingly short) seasons ABC's Suburgatory has been on the air, series showrunner Emily Kapnek has used the season finale as an episode as a chance to show deep emotional growth for specific characters, as well as to showcase how the absence of a usually central figure in such growth has limited Tessa (Jane Levy) and left her searching for something more. This particular second season finale took a much darker turn than the first year, when Tessa saw a way out of Chatswin temporarily, for the summer, through her maternal grandmother. If the series were to end with this being the last part of the story told, you might have a hard time imagining these people all went on to live happy, shiny lives in their kooky suburban neck of the woods that we always knew Chatswin to be. This time around, Tessa left her father's house with a resolve that seemed like it would be for good. And shockingly, he didn't follow her, track her down, and drag her home; he was preoccupied with his own personal troubles, so she was free to camp out in her school's bathroom and call just about everyone she knew for a place to crash. It may have only been a matter of chance for the character that she found her mother Alex (Malin Akerman) at the train station, but for the show, it was an opportunity to set up a story in which Kapnek sees great, expansive future potential... [MORE]

"Amazon to allow audience to decide if Zombieland gets a full season order"

Have you ever looked at the new television slate for a season and wished you were the one sitting in the executive's chair, making the decision on what shows to pick up because you just know you'd push through much more quality stuff that what actually makes it on-air? Well, now you can put your money where your mouth is, thanks to Amazon... [MORE]

"Paley Center for Media to host Bates Motel event in L.A."

Bates Motel is making waves for A&E, already renewed for a second season, only a few episodes into its premiere season, and now it is being celebrated with a very special event at the Paley Center for Media here in Los Angeles... [MORE] 

"Lesley Fera and Jen Lilley to star in Dating in L.A. and Other Urban Myths"

Exciting casting news, TV fans! Pretty Little Liars' Lesley Fera and General Hospital's Jen Lilley will be co-starring in an exciting new comedy web series coming this summer... [MORE]

"First Look: Curtis Armstrong guest stars on Supernatural"

It's getting down to the wire on The CW's Supernatural, and thankfully the boys aren't left spinning their wheels too much when it comes to the third (and hopefully truthfully final) trial required to close the gates of hell forever. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are about to get a distressing video message from Kevin (Osric Chau) that should lead them on the path toward that trial... [MORE

"First Look: Arrow flashes back to Robert Queen and explores more Merlyn problems"

The CW's Arrow is getting back to basics a bit as it speeds toward its season finale. Not only do series executive producer Marc Guggenheim and star Stephen Amell promise a return to the Oliver (Amell)-Laurel (Kattie Cassidy)-Tommy (Colin Donnell) love triangle-- more on that soon-- but in "The Undertaking," Oliver is also going to focus again on his infamous little black book-- specifically crossing another name off the list within... [MORE]

Max (Adam Pally) on ABC's Happy Endings has been out of income ever since he blew up his own '80s limo as part of a prank war he was determined to win. Technically, he did win, but seeing as he had no insurance, we have to consider it a pretty hollow victory in the end. Anyway, his friends get sick of him mooching off them and pressure him to get a job. How does he respond? ... [MORE]


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