Monday, April 8, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'The Following' Photos; 'Revolution' Preview; Willa Holland Talks 'Arrow'; 'Bates Motel' Renewed; Mark-Paul Gosselaar Back on 'Happy Endings'...

FOX's The Following may be burning through a lot of story, but when you step back and think about it, the time span of events has only actually been a week or so. So the fact that Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) is already back to work in "The Curse," the next all-new episode probably should be a bit suspect... [MORE]

If you thought you had figured out NBC's Revolution, then you may have to think again. Not only has the show switched gears a bit since the power has been (partially) turned back on, but with that comes new character twists, turns, and dynamics that you couldn't have expected from the beginning of the series (or maybe even a few episodes ago) because the show's writers and producers themselves didn't know that was definitely where they were heading. Series producer David Rambo shared with LA TV Insider Examiner at WonderCon, for example, that there have been times in this first season run when they have gone back and shot up to twenty pages from an episode in order to change the story, the stakes, the tone, or the tension. You may want to assume the power went out worldwide as part of a government experiment gone wrong-- or just how involved and therefore guilty some key characters have been-- but things are about to turn on their head yet again... [MORE]

"Willa Holland previews Thea and Roy teaming up to learn the identity of Arrow"

Early on with The CW's Arrow, the combination of Oliver's (Stephen Amell) closeness to his sister and her nickname of "Speedy" let fans speculate that she would soon learn her big brother's vigilante secret and possibly even tear up Starling City as his sidekick. But then the first person learned the truth-- and it wasn't Thea (Willa Holland). Neither was the second or third people to have to face their friend's other life. So as much as Holland has admitted "the reason why [she] signed onto the show was to pick up a bow and arrow and kick some ass," it appears she will have to wait a while to get her chance... [MORE]

"A&E renews Bates Motel for season two"

It appears LA TV Insider Examiner has given A&E's Bates Motel a second chance just in time because today the cable network announced it has actually given the horror drama a second season... [MORE]

"First Look: Mark-Paul Gosselaar returns to Happy Endings"
Remember when Max (Adam Pally) got a new roommate earlier this season on ABC's Happy Endings? The gang was so enthralled by this mysterious Chase (guest star Mark-Paul Gosselaar) they wanted to get to the bottom of what he was about-- only to learn he was married and to end up revealing to his wife that he was keeping a crash pad for all of the women he was cheating with. At the end of the episode, he swore to get his revenge, and sure enough, he-- and the show-- will be delivering on that... [MORE]

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