Monday, April 15, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'The Following' Photos; Patrick Duffy Previews 'Dallas's' Season Finale; Taylor Cole Returning to 'Supernatural'; NBC Schedules Summer 2013 Premieres...

The end of last week's The Following on FOX provided the audience with a "Holy crap, what now!?" moment when Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) was introduced to Roderick (Warren Kole) as the Sheriff of the sleepy little "Havenport" town. The two were supposed to develop a working relationship as the FBI began to poke around the town, looking for Joe Carroll's (James Purefoy) compound. But when you pull back to think about it, it should take 2.5 seconds for Mike (Shawn Ashmore) to yell "Roderick!" and for the FBI to know they are actually dealing with one of Carroll's followers. So what is actually much more interesting about last week's minor cliffhanger was just how Roderick will handle being caught... [MORE]

Other than the writers of TNT's Dallas, series star Patrick Duffy was the only one who knew what was in that infamous posthumous letter J.R. left detailing his master plan. Therefore, Duffy was the only one to know all of the secrets of the second season mid-way through the actual season, well before the rest of the Ewings were caught up by reading by the season finale script. But Duffy had no temptations to actually spill the beans to any of his cast mates... [MORE]

"Taylor Cole returning to Supernatural"

Poor Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) hasn't had much luck in love on The CW's Supernatural. After the untimely (and demonic!) death of his college sweetheart, he tended to get mixed up with other supernatural women, even while pining for a "normal" life. This eighth season of the series saw Sam in a somewhat more traditional relationship in his "lost year," but that went south, too. How could it not when he was still keeping secrets from her, right? But one woman he doesn't have any secrets from is Sarah Blake (Taylor Cole), the art dealer who helped Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) vanquish a spirit from a family portrait. So if the potential for a happy ending could be in the cards for these boys someday, is that Sarah for Sam? ... [MORE

"NBC schedules Summer 2013 premieres for Camp, Save Me, America's Got Talent"

NBC has announced their Summer 2013 schedule today with premieres for a number of new and returning reality series, as well as a couple of scripted programs... [MORE]

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