Monday, April 29, 2013

From LA Examiner: Jonathan Groff Talks Mark-Paul Gosselaar on 'Happy Endings'; 'On Directing' with Megyn Price; 'The Following' Season Finale Photos; Gabriel Basso Talks About 'The Big C'; 'Once Upon A Time' Magic Vs Science Talk...

"Mark-Paul Gosselaar could become Happy Endings' version of "Slap Bet"

Loyal fans of Happy Endings will recall that series executive producer Jonathan Groff told LA TV Insider Examiner the show planned to bring season three guest star Mark-Paul Gosselaar back before the end of the season in order for him to "make good" on this threat of ruining Max's (Adam Pally) life. However, Gosselaar returned in the end of the season episode "Un-sabotagable" tonight, only to get sidetracked before coming through and to leave his second episode much like his first. So in case you didn't have enough reasons to hope ABC renews the comedy series for year four, Groff and Gosselaar are giving you another one... [MORE]

"Megyn Price previews her Rules of Engagement directorial debut"

For years you have known Megyn Price as a sitcom queen from the acting side of the business, but for years, she has fought to allow her voice and vision to be heard behind the camera, as well. And finally, after proving to her bosses at Rules of Engagement just how serious she was about the craft, Price was given the chance to slip into the director's chair herself with the poignant and pivotal "Timmy Quits" episode... [MORE]

"First Look: Hardy has a big success on The Following's season finale"

FOX's The Following has kind of swapped its two protagonists in the story in only fifteen episodes. With the season finale, "The Final Chapter," upon us, for whom will this sequel, dual author tale have a happy ending... [MORE]

"Gabriel Basso talks growing up on The Big C, previews the series' end"

Gabriel Basso's first credited role as a professional actor is "Kid with Cancer" in a film from half a decade ago, but he has matured as an actor playing a kid of cancer on Showtime's The Big C. As Adam Jamison, the sometimes petulant teenage son of Laura Linney's Cathy, Basso rode the emotional roller coaster of typical angst straight off its rails in the first season of the series when he snooped in his mother's storage unit and found just how much she was keeping from him. From there it was the five stages of grief, all mixed up and in no particular order-- at times even overlapping-- until Adam emerged stronger and more capable. Just as Adam's maturation into a man was heightened by his mother's diagnosis, so was Basso's own growth as an actor, being surrounded by those he called "the best in the business... [MORE]

"Once Upon a Time EPs on science vs magic debate & what they'd go back and change"

ABC's Once Upon A Time has always been a show based around magic, yet season two has introduced quite a few instances of science and technology (first with Frankenstein, then with the bracelet Hook tricked Regina into putting on)and will continue to be so, especially in the penultimate episode of this second season as Greg and Tamara try to get information out of Regina. So when we had the chance to catch up with the show's executive producers in Los Angeles earlier today, we checked in on just how much letting science, technology, and magic live side-by-side on Once Upon A Time might be a theme for the final few episodes of season two into a potential season three... [MORE]

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