Monday, April 1, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Under The Dome' Series and Book Differences; 'The Following' Photos; Seamus Dever Talks about 'Castle' Turning 100; 'Revolution' Cast Addresses Danny's Death; 'Arrow' Preview from Stephen Amell & Marc Guggenheim...

"CBS' Under The Dome to tell "epic" but slower version of Stephen King's tale"

CBS' summer series Under The Dome is still a few months away, but over the weekend the show's executive producers and stars brought some exclusive footage to WonderCon and took part in an extensive Q&A session in which they explained the series will only be inspired by Stephen King's popular novel of the same name, using it as "a jumping off point for the themes and characters," not a small screen retelling... [MORE

"First Look: The Following dives into domination during the hunt for Claire"

Tonight FOX's The Following is going to open a whole new can of worms and potentially blow open everything you thought you knew about Joe Carroll's (James Purefoy) motives and methods-- or at least maybe everything you wanted to believe about Carroll... [MORE]

"Seamus Dever on the longer term meaning of Castle's 100th episode"

A television series hitting one hundred episodes as always been quite the accomplishment. For major network programs that usually have twenty-two episodes a season, that marker means five years on the air, which is no small feat in and of itself these days, but one hundred episodes was also the threshold needed to reach for syndication. But for the cast and creative teams of the shows that make it so far, the milestone is also about leaving a really long-lasting mark on their fans but also the history of television in general. ABC's Castle will hit one hundred episodes with "The Lives of Others," and for series star Seamus Dever, it is the chance to reach future generations of artists that means the most... [MORE]

"Revolution's Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, Tracy Spiridakos on Danny's death"

Danny's (Graham Rogers) death on NBC's Revolution seemed ordained the minute the mid-season premiere took the time to flash back to his very special childhood illness. However, the twist that his death would not have to be in vain-- and that he might inadvertently become one of the most important people in the rebels-- still managed to draw surprises. Because of such a reaction, show producer David Rambo revealed to LA TV Insider Examiner at WonderCon that though they knew the moment would be coming as early as writing episode seven, they didn't want to seed it in episodes starting then... [MORE

"Arrow's Stephen Amell & Marc Guggenheim preview The Count's return (VIDEO)"

The last time we saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) trying to take down The Count (guest star Seth Gabel) on The CW's Arrow, it was extremely personal. His sister had taken The Count's drug, Vertigo, and Oliver was out for blood, not just as a vigilante concerned about drugs corrupting his city, but as a protective older brother, worried about his family's health. And he certainly made his mark on The Count, who was carted off to a psych ward after having ODed on his own drug. But even with such a strong, seemingly "wrapped up" story, it wasn't a "one and done" villain tale. The Count returns in "Unfinished Business," and Amell promised us things are just as personal... [MORE

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