Friday, May 10, 2013

CBS Pilot Pick-Ups: 'Crazy Ones', 'Hostages', 'Intelligence', 'The Millers', 'Mom', and 'We Are Men'...

CBS has picked up yet another new half-hour comedy (though this time a single-camera one) for the 2013-2014 television season. Crazy Ones starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar is a slightly new take on the network's brand of traditional sitcom humor because it's a workplace comedy... [MORE]

We kid you not, just earlier this week we were watching Jesus Henry Christ, wondering why Toni Collette wasn't back on TV. CBS must have heard our interest because today they have picked up Hostages, her new dramatic pilot... [MORE]

After CBS renewed just about every series it currently had on air for 2013-2014, we didn't know where it would find the room to order new ones. But after making a few not-so-tough cuts, CBS squeezed out enough space to pick up a couple of new comedies and dramas, including Intelligence starring Josh Holloway and CSI's Marg Helgenberger... [MORE]

Will Arnett, who recently starred on NBC's family comedy Up All Night, which the peacock network cancelled yesterday, officially has his next gig. When one door closes, right? CBS has given the series order to his multi-camera family sitcom, The Millers, and now he is free to play a new character, a recently divorced guy, whose parents move in with him... [MORE]

CBS has ordered its first brand-new series for the 2013-2014 television season today, and it's a half-hour comedy re-team with Chuck Lorre Productions. In the vein of Two and a Half Men, Mom is an inappropriate family comedy. This time the story revolves on a single mom played by Anna Faris who tries to pull her life together despite being only newly sober and working a dead-end job... [MORE]

Guys being guys. There's a lot of humor in that, right? Especially when there's communal living and/or a shared workspace involved. TV Land's The Exes seems to think so, as does TBS' Men At Work, and even NBC's (now cancelled) Guys with Kids played with the concept. Now CBS is getting in the game with Rob Greenberg's new single-camera comedy, We Are Men... [MORE]

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