Sunday, May 5, 2013

Celebuzz 'Revenge' Recap: "Engagement"...

With only one episode* left of ABC's Revenge, the show sure is taking its sweet time diving into the juicy bits of Emily's (Emily VanCamp)-- and now Jack (Nick Wechsler), Nolan (Gabriel Mann), and Aiden's (Barry Sloane)-- titular plans. Instead, the antepenultimate episode spent way too much time focusing on Emily and Daniel's (Josh Bowman) second fake engagement. It wasn't a surprise, given that "Engagement" was the title of the episode, but admittedly I was hoping for something a little less literal and more to discuss the arrangements of revenge plans and performances in general.

* Technically, it's two but they're being presented one long, back-to-back, "Part One and Part Two" all-night event scenario that's kind of a cheat.

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