Friday, May 10, 2013

From LA Examiner: Adult Swim Upfront News; Stephen Amell on F*ck Cancer; Robbie Amell on 'Tomorrow People'; WBTV Opens Emmy Swag to Fans; Syfy Renews 'Defiance'; Gordon Ramsay Gets a 5th FOX Show; 'Ground Floor' Picked Up; 'Go On' and 'Southland' Cancelled...

"Adult Swim orders three new series-- and one of them's a soap opera!"

Adult Swim held its upfront last night and announced three new original series coming to the roster. These are three more, in addition to the six they had previously announced in development, including a project from Community's Dan Harmon. Though all of the projects are, of course, satirical and comical in nature, they are branching out a bit in genres... [MORE]

"Stephen Amell toasted to F*ck Cancer; how can YOU get involved?"

There are dozens of charitable organizations dedicated to cancer research and finding a cure for the too-widespread disease, but for The CW's Arrow star Stephen Amell, it was a bit fated that he team up with F*ck Cancer, a movement designed to target the younger audience to fight back... [MORE]

"Robbie Amell previews Tomorrow People and talks early Arrow similarities"

The CW just ordered Tomorrow People, a new drama about a young man who learns he has special abilities-- because he is actually a more evolved species of humans than most-- and it stars Robbie Amell, cousin to Arrow star Stephen Amell. It's kind of kismet that the casting worked out this way because you can draw parallels between the themes and demands on the actors in both shows... [MORE]

"WBTV's 2013 'For Your Consideration' Emmy campaign is not just for Academy members!"

As an entertainment reporter, LA TV Insider Examiner gets sent a lot of swag. It's not usually worth stuff writing about. But today we have peeked inside the special items that Warner Bros has put together for Emmy voters (and thanks to their understanding of the importance of social media and other fan buzz), select lucky laymen, too, and it is pretty cool. We would say we wish we were a voting member, but now we don't even have to be to partake in the fun gifts and celebration! ... [MORE]

"Syfy renews Defiance for season two"

Syfy has announced today their renewal for Defiance, giving a 13-episode second season order for the new batch of episodes to resume filming in 2014. The show will keep it's anchor position on Syfy’s Powerful Monday’s block of primetime original series when it returns next year... [MORE]

"FOX renews Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen & Masterchef, picks up a spin-off"

Gordon Ramsay is already a verifiable star of FOX with Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, Hotel Hell, and Kitchen Nightmares, but now he is getting another series, Junior Masterchef... [MORE]

"TBS orders Ground Floor from Bill Lawrence for 2014"

Holy hell, is it a good week for Bill Lawrence! He has just had his third new series get picked up for the 2013-2014 television season. TBS has given the series order for new comedy Ground Floor, which he wrote and EPed with Greg Malins... [MORE]

"NBC cancels Go On"

It's a sad day for Matthew Perry fans because NBC has decided not to go forward with a second season of his new comedy, Go On... [MORE]

"TNT cancels Southland"

We refuse to believe that after overcoming addiction and surviving being kidnapped, forced to dig his own grave, and watching his partner get beaten and shot in front of him, LAPD Officer John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) would have been shot and killed, off-duty, by two other cops who panicked when they came upon him in an alley, hitting someone with the butt of a gun. So we're just going to write an epilogue in our heads because sadly, TNT will not be delivering the next chapter of Southland's story... [MORE]

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