Friday, May 17, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Arrested Development' Netflix Format; Heather Locklear on 'Franklin & Bash' Photos; 'Motive' Advance Review...

"Arrested Development to break new ground on Netflix"

And now the story of a television show before its time and how, seven years later, they’re still breaking ground. It’s Netflix’s Arrested Development. Mitch Hurwitz’s iconic but sadly short-lived comedy series center on a selfish, spoiled Orange County family had “blood in the water” pretty much from the start of its first thirteen episode season. At least that’s how series star Jason Bateman put it, pointing out that the show was always designed to feature a long, dense trail of breadcrumbs to carefully tell each story in an “exaggerated…style and tone” that audiences either loved it or hated it right off the bat. For the record, Bateman did follow up to note that he personally thinks “one of its strengths is that it’s very specific and it makes a choice"... [MORE]

"First Look: Heather Locklear joins the Franklin & Bash team"

Everyone's favorite scheming diva is coming to TNT's Franklin & Bash! Heather Locklear joins the third season of the legal buddy series as Infeld & Daniels' new partner. She's a bad-ass trial lawyer who has no problems getting right in the faces of our titular "outside of the box" lawyers (Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer). In fact, her Rachel King wouldn't mind taking them down a few notches or out of the company altogether because she doesn't see them as serious or good at their jobs... [MORE

Don’t get it twisted: just because ABC’s Motive tells the audience who the killer is before they even show you the victim doesn’t mean everything about the show isn’t a procedural. Sure, there’s just enough of a gimmick with this one to trick audiences into thinking they’re getting a fresh new take on typical tales of crime, but when you strip the series and its non-linear, multiple narrator style down, it’s the same ole, same old... [MORE]

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