Wednesday, May 15, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Arrow' Season Finale Post-Mortems...

The dust has barely settled on all of the huge developments in The CW's Arrow's first season finale, but series star Stephen Amell has no trouble looking ahead, to the even bigger and better season he know will unfold come fall... [MORE]

When we talked to Arrow series star Stephen Amell about the first season finale, he teased something we were really excited about: a moment of seeing a glimpse at the Oliver created from the first year on the island but before we met him in present day Starling City on the pilot episode. The idea of so many shades to the character being slid in at various times in the episodes and story points fascinated us, and we wanted to get more information about it. Unfortunately, though, what we learned was that it was a “cool backstory” moment actually cut from the finale due to time—and will be held for season two, rather than used as a deleted scene on the first season DVD set... [MORE]

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