Friday, May 10, 2013

From LA Examiner: NBC Renews 'Community' But Cancels 'Smash'; ABC Renews 'Nashville' and 'Suburgatory' But Cancels 'Happy Endings'...

NBC has renewed Community for a fifth season. Now, you may notice that we deliver this news without the fanfare of previous years. We thought long and hard about how we would write this article if the time came, and now that it is upon us, we're honestly still a bit torn. On one hand, we would never have wanted the episode that aired as the season four finale (4.11, "Advanced Introduction to Finality") to have to cap off the series. For one thing, there were so many hanging chads from City College's Dean's "Plan B" to the fact that only Abed (Danny Pudi) knew the truth about Chang (Ken Jeong). But on the other hand, we're just not sure we can sit through another season like four, that was willing to leave so many loose threads while delivering lackluster one-off episodes all season. We may be getting numerically closer to "six seasons and a movie" not just being a pipe dream, but will the quality warrant it? ... [MORE]

After two seasons, two showrunners, one soundtrack, countless scarves, and a whole lot of critical bitter backlash after one of the most promising pilots in a long time proved to be quite flawed as a series, NBC has decided not to continue its musical journey with Smash. The series will not be renewed for the 2013-2014 television season... [MORE]

"ABC renews Nashville for season two"

The country music soap opera, Nashville, has officially been granted a second season. ABC Tweeted the announcement this evening: "#Nashville has been picked up for another season! @Nashville_ABC"... [MORE]


Emily Kapnek previewed so many great potential season three stories for Suburgatory, LA TV Insider Examiner was itching to see how they'd all play out. From life with Alex (Malin Akerman) for a change, to what the Shay family dynamic would be without golden boy Ryan (Parker Young) living under their roof, to a hopeful encore from the band, there was so much goodness left to explore. And today ABC has officially announced that they will stick around in Suburgatory for a bit longer, as the series was renewed for season three... [MORE]

"ABC cancels Happy Endings"

ABC has done something so completely not ah-mahzing today in officially pulling the plug on Happy Endings. While we can't be surprised by the announcement-- the network did move the show randomly to Sundays for a couple of weeks and then to Fridays in the 8 p.m. time slot (and its ratings declined with each move)-- we were, of course, personally hoping to "pile on" for a fourth season... [MORE]

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