Monday, May 6, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Once Upon A Time' Season Finale Spoilers; 'On Writing' with Tara Benett & Paul Terry...

The penultimate episode of season two of ABC's Once Upon A Time introduced a couple of new, more sinister elements than you may have been expecting for a show where good is supposed to triumph over evil. Though Once Upon A Time has not been without its share of darker obstacles from the start-- from Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Gold's (Robert Carlyle) curse to the contingency built into it that Storybrooke could be wiped off the map, in the end (at least of this season), the greatest threats are not coming from within Storybrooke but instead from the outsiders who have their own ideas about magic and what should be done with it. Greg Mendel (Ethan Embry) is one piece of that puzzle, but it's hard to fault him too much for being anti-magic, when it's the reason he lost his dad so many years ago (although, we must point out that we'd much rather learn our father had died back then if the alternative was abandonment by choice). There's Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green), too, who's reasons are still unknown. But now there's also a "Home Office" behind it all-- something that reeks of corporation, the most evil thing in our real world... [MORE]

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated, detail-oriented fandom than that of genre shows, and with FOX’s Fringe one of the most unique and mind-bending, yet still accessible, examples of that, it really should be no surprise that its hit tie-in book, “September’s Notebook” spurred a limited edition version, released only a few weeks after the first hardcover hit the market. Nor should it be a surprise that popular demand increased the printings of this limited edition version by 1000. LA TV Insider Examiner counts ourselves among the Fringe fandom, in addition to being one of the members of the media to cover the show in its later years, and (full disclosure) we held a very special place in our hearts for “September’s Notebook.” So we wanted to check in with its authors to talk about the inspiration for the book, pick their brains a bit about working alongside the network and studio to make it a reality, and what’s extra special about the limited edition... [MORE]

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