Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From LA Examiner: TNT Orders 'Legends'; STARZ and Piers Morgan Team Up; 'Deception' Cancelled; 'Arrow' Season Finale Preview...

"TNT orders Legends starring Sean Bean"

TNT has announced today that they are picking-up a new spy drama, Legends, starring Sean Bean. “Legends has everything you want in a good spy drama: intriguing characters, multi-layered plots, a terrific cast and lots of action and suspense,” Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) said in a statement to the press... [MORE]

"Starz and Piers Morgan team up for Fleet Street"

Starz announced today plans to develop a new original drama entitled Fleet Street from executive producer Piers Morgan. But no, it is not about sailors. Instead, the series will be a period piece in 1970s England, following the rise of tabloid journalism, sexual revolution, and class warfare... [MORE]

"Deception officially dead at NBC"

If you're one of the few who stuck with NBC's Deception all the way through to the end of its short first season, then we have some bad news for you today: the peacock network has declined to renew the series. Oh and by the way, just like on Red Widow (another sure-to-be one-season wonder, only for a different network), the dad did it... [MORE]

"Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim on island parallels & epic Archer finale showdown"

If you've been watching The CW's Arrow and thinking 'Hey, isn't that a crazy coincidence that on the island Oliver has a triangle of a team with Slade and Shado, and in Starling City he has one of Diggle and Felicity?,' then you're going to really want to pay attention to the final two episodes of the season. Any connections you may be seeing between the "trinity" relationship Oliver (Stephen Amell) forms on the island have intentional parallels to the one he has formed now that he is home... [MORE]

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