Friday, May 31, 2013

We Have Thoughts: On The 'Smash' Second Season & Series Finale...

I had really high hopes for Smash, and I'm talking even after seeing the full first season. I genuinely enjoyed the entire first season, flaws and all. I went into the second season really hopeful about the changes they were making and looking forward to seeing the show turn itself around to the point where the masses would once again praise it, as they did the pilot. Sadly, that did not happen.

I've written about my most personal major issue with Smash season two, but when NBC decided not to renew the show, thereby making its second season finale an episode that had to act as a series finale, I realized I had much more to say. Thankfully, Marisa Roffman did, too, so we took to a very special edition of "We Have Thoughts" in order to do so.

We talked about everything from the most meta moments, especially the closing number, "Big Finish," to the RENT comparisons, guest stars like Jennifer Hudson, journey for Ivy, and the last minute return of Michael Swift-- come on, you knew I'd sneak that in somewhere, right!? Since we went on for awhile, we split the discussion into self-contained chunks so you can check out which ones interest you most and almost in any order.

Intro to Smash review, "Big Finish" discussion:

Characters' endings:

RENT comparison:

Subplots, Jennifer Hudson, "hope-watching," and Will Chase:

Pilot and wrap-up:

And in case you're wondering, the extended RENT rant I reference in the vodcast can be found here. My musings on the "Hit List" plot as told solely through the songs can be found here

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