Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Should DanielleTBD Give A Second Chance This Summer?...

Summer is always a slow time in the world of television. Sure, every season there are more original series (though usually short-run) that air in the hottest months, but the majority are reality or otherwise left-over programs (with the exception of a few) that just fail to grab my interest and attention. This summer, for example, I know I will be hungrily devouring the final season of Dexter, as well as CBS' adaptation of Under The Dome, but that is a far way to fall from the often-eight shows a day I'm usually checking out. So while I plan to devote more time to reading and tanning and yes, finding a full-time job, I've also decided to do an experiment of sorts. There are a number of short-lived series available to stream on Netflix Instant (a sad fact I learned when I went searching for a number of classic movies and recent releases and found they were not available, but whole heaps of crap were). Perhaps these series have found an audience in after-the-fact streaming for a reason. Perhaps they were better than my initial brush-off reviews made them out to be. I'm willing to back and find out!

But I want your input because if I'm going to watch these things, then I'm going to write about my experiences, and I don't want to waste my time with something no one cares about. So please, vote for which quickly-cancelled series you think I should check out and blog about this summer on Netflix.

What short-lived series should I give a second chance on Netflix? free polls 

I'm starting with comedy, but my intentions are to follow it up, in the second month of the summer, with drama. And if this experiment fails completely, then I'll just start a rewatch of The Wire and/or The Shield instead. If I could do six seasons of LOST in a week, I wonder how quickly I can burn through those...

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