Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From LA Examiner: 3rd Annual Critics Choice Winners; Avan Jogia on the Psychology of 'Twisted'...

"Game of Thrones, Tatiana Maslany win 3rd Annual Critics Choice Awards"

Tonight, live in Los Angeles, the 3rd Annual Critics Choice TV Awards were handed out in the Beverly Hilton ballroom. For those of you who want to learn some really behind-the-scenes stuff, the annual summer TCA is always held in the Beverly Hilton Ballroom, and today TCA Awards nominations were announced. Both ceremonies consist of critics picking their favorites across all categories, though the Critics Choice TV Awards has more, keeping the male and female actor awards separate from each other... [MORE]

"Go inside the mind of ABC Family’s Twisted killer with Avan Jogia"

Avan Jogia has the tough job of portraying the dark, secretive, and psychologically complex character of Danny Desai on ABC Family’s Twisted. As the young man sent to juvie five years earlier for killing his own aunt, Danny returns to his hometown and into the school system as a boy with the label of “socio,” short for “sociopath. But whether he is actually unable to emphasize and only mimic true emotions or if he’s just a young man who has learned to dictate his behavior based on what will get him the best results while still keeping a lot of cards close to his chest, the show will slowly unfold over time... [MORE]

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