Thursday, June 6, 2013

From LA Examiner: Exclusive Photo Mark-Paul Gosselaar on 'Men At Work'; 'Franklin & Bash' Season Three Scoop; 'Falling Skies' Scoop from Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, Connor Jessup & Maxim Knight + My Advance Review...

"Exclusive First Look: Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Men At Work's season finale"

Turner is keeping it all in the family this summer with TNT's Franklin and Bash star Mark-Paul Gosselaar popping over to TBS' Men at Work for their second season finale episode, and LA TV Insider Examiner has your first look at that special TV event... [MORE]

"Franklin & Bash's Malibu move means guest star Rob Lowe is season three"

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That *is* Mark-Paul Gosselaar all grown up and hanging on the sands of Malibu in paparazzi photos from the filming of TNT's Franklin & Bash's third season. But it's not a full return to the Malibu Sands of his youth. Instead, he and Breckin Meyer have to move into a new house after someone burns down theirs... [MORE]

"The Mason men of Falling Skies preview amplified family & alien drama in S3"

TNT's epic alien invasion drama Falling Skies has always had a very sweet family story at the center, as once-history professor Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) fought to keep his boys alive and together as a unit. Season three, though, sees the Mason family ripped apart, even if not physically, at least with various new and ever-growing responsibilities that take them all in different directions. Tom is now President of the new United States, while eldest son Hal (Drew Roy) is dealing with paralysis by day and too-eerily-real alien dreams by night. Middle son Ben (Connor Jessup) still has spikes in his back from his time among the Skitters, and little Matt (Maxim Knight) isn't so little anymore, fighting alongside the rest of the soldiers and falling in with the wrong crowd. Add to that a new baby in the family, an alliance with the Volm aliens who are building a top-secret piece of technology, and a mole within this community of Charleston in which the Masons are living and ruling, and the stakes have never been higher... [MORE]

When Falling Skies first debuted on TNT three years ago, it depicted a whole new world: aliens had invaded, tearing apart families, destroying communities, and kidnapping the youth for their own labor purposes. But humans are nothing if not adaptable, relying on survivor instincts and their own, even if limited, intelligence and technology to get a handle on what the aliens wanted and which ones could even surprisingly be trusted. They rebuilt and restored—maybe not physical structures or cities but infrastructures and social order. So when the third season starts, it’s something of a brand new world again... [MORE]

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