Monday, June 3, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Teen Wolf' & 'King & Maxwell' Advance Reviews; Sarah Carter Talks 'Falling Skies'; More Critics Choice TV Nominees...

We ended season two of Teen Wolf with the ominous warning that an Alpha pack was coming to Beacon Hills, ready to pounce (no pun intended) on Scott (Tyler Posey) and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and exert their own dominance. But when season three opens, enough months later that a new school year has begun, everyone is still oblivious to the new threat. Everyone including the animals. In the season three premiere, animals begin acting funny, from Lydia’s dog biting her, to crows flying kamikaze-style into the high school windows. It’s as if something is about to start. But the truth is, it’s already begun; this time the animals weren’t really ahead of things, as they are with earthquakes, but right smack in the middle of it. The Alphas had arrived and already started integrating themselves, and though Derek has been tucked away, laying low and somewhat in hiding, he starts the season by finally bringing Scott in on the truth so together they can protect their friends from this new, personal, and very vicious threat... [MORE]

After the aliens invaded on TNT's Falling Skies, the majority of the characters faced mortality in a way they never imagined. But one who had already been through the wringer pre-invasion found her fight for life in a whole new way. Though still guarded and not entirely trusting, Maggie (Sarah Sanguin Carter) found herself falling for Hal Mason (Drew Roy), and against the survival rate odds in a world where aliens not only used their own superior technology, but also humanity's own youths against them, she managed to both survive and evolve as a woman. The one who had once pushed everyone away who was nice to her, because she didn't want pity as "the girl with cancer," is now in a serious and committed relationship, living in close quarters with a guy who unbeknownst to her has been corrupted by the aliens and may not be entirely trustworthy. Season three is certainly going to send Maggie on yet another roller coaster... [MORE]
"Summer 2013 TV Preview: TNT’s King & Maxwell"

The slew of new crime dramas centered on those who are outside of the law but acting in its authority as consultants to the local police and/or FBI should probably speak volumes about how Hollywood’s feels about actual law enforcement agents’ ability to carry out their jobs successfully and efficiently. Sure, private citizens working with authority as investigators like the titular characters in TNT’s King & Maxwell here don’t have to play by the usual Miranda rights and court orders or warrants rules; they can cut through the red tape and just go after the bad guys by any means necessary. And yes, that can provide for some fun, if flippant, swipes at jurisdictions and procedures, but as wish-fulfilling as that may be, allowing the audience to fantasize about using their brilliant power of deduction to solve crimes (probably from watching countless crime shows on television), it is dangerous to require so much suspension of disbelief in what is supposed to be a real world drama... [MORE

"Critics Choice TV Awards 2013 to honor Bob Newhart"

Two weeks ago we brought you the 3rd Annual Critics Choice TV Awards nominees, but there were two important categories that were still MIA, "Most Exciting New Series" and who would receive the Icon Award. Today, BTJA announced that Bob Newhart would be receiving the coveted Icon Award, and they have also been more discerning about their "Most Exciting New Series"... [MORE]

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