Thursday, June 20, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Wilfred' and 'Dexter' Advance Reviews; 'Whodunnit' Preview; 'Web Therapy' Comes to Paley...

For two seasons fans of FX's Wilfred haven't been able to shake, even if only in the back of their minds, the idea that maybe, just maybe, Ryan (Elijah Wood) as a few screws loose and that's why he sees Wilfred (Jason Gann) as a human-sized, upright, talking man in a dog suit instead of a cuddly little four-legged buddy. It wasn't until the end of season two that Ryan had to consider the same thing for himself, though, after realizing he was drawing Wilfred even as a child. So season three picks up immediately with that same theme, but true to Wilfred whimsy and form, it doesn't dawdle on "what ifs"... [MORE]

"Whodunnit? EP Anthony Zuiker previews his new "reality meets fiction" series"

Do you ever sit at home watching network procedurals or other crime dramas and find yourself screaming at the investigators that you have known who committed the crime since act one? It's okay, you aren't alone. But now ABC is about to embark upon training other viewers to be just as active as you. The new reality competition series, Whodunnit? pits thirteen strangers against each other in a Southern California mansion, asking them to piece together the details of a crime and figure out which one amongst them is a killer-- or pay with their own lives (in the game, that is). But will any of them, with backgrounds in everything from journalism to law enforcement to Homeland Security, get to the bottom of the case before you, the at-home, extra savvy audience who has access to all clues and information when the contestants only have bits and pieces? ... [MORE

"Summer 2013 TV Preview: Showtime's Dexter eighth & final season"

Everything you need to know about the plot of Dexter's eighth and final season premiere on Showtime, you can actually glean from simply watching the promotional trailer the network released weeks ago. But that is not to say that you shouldn't watch the opening hour, nor that said hour isn't still leg-jiggling and nail-bitingly intense. Though you may know everything that's coming story wise, you still can't adequately prepare for the amount of tension and anxiety you feel when you're thrust back into the world of Miami Metro alongside these characters you have gotten to know so well for the past seven seasons... [MORE]

"Paley Center for Media to host an evening with Web Therapy in L.A."

On a personal level, we're not ones for therapy. But when it's Web Therapy with Dr. Fiona Wallice, we're all over it. Three minute sessions just doesn't seem like enough, so we were thrilled when Showtime picked up the online series to air as a half-hour comedy. But even still, there was something a bit impersonal about getting therapy through a screen, so the Paley Center for Media's announcement today that they're hosting an evening with Web Therapy in L.A. this July is just what the doctor ordered! ... [MORE]

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