Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We Have Thoughts: New Fall 2013 TV By The Network...

It's still a few months before the new fall shows debut on their various networks, and yes, the pilot cuts are subject to change, and in a few cases recasting, before they air. But even from the trailers you can kind of get a sense of which shows you think you'll like and which you wonder how they got passed the initial pitch anyway. Naturally that means it's time for We Have Thoughts to bring you our Fall 2013 Pilot Snap Judgements*. 

Marisa and I selected one show per network to discuss (since our end of season report cards were way too heavily focused on ABC!),  combination of comedy and drama, not discriminating against the ones we loved or the ones we hated. Some of our early assessments may surprise you.

ABC's Super Fun Night

CBS' Crazy Ones

FOX' Almost Human

NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show

The CW's Tomorrow People

* Disclaimer: Actual reviews will come closer to pilot premieres. These are just first impressions.

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