Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We Have Thoughts: On Netflix's 'Arrested Development'...

Two weekends ago, I spent my Sunday curled up on the couch with 15 episodes of Netflix's Arrested Development. In a row. It was a blur. A few days later I came up for air and wanted to discuss the project, which was certainly different from the witty non-traditional sitcom on FOX almost a decade earlier but still just as clever and interesting, in my opinion, just in different ways. I was also convinced I missed at least a few things in the haze that was a seven and a half hour marathon, though. Marisa was in a similar boat, so we decided to dissect the episodes and the experience in the latest edition of We Have Thoughts.

Commentary on the format, binge-viewing, and Michael's first episode:

Looking at individual characters and how far they (haven't) come:

Comparing to Sex and the City the movie:

On The Sopranos-style ending:


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