Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CT and Knight Crashed My Zach and Leroy 'Rivals 2' Interview; Chaos (and Hotness) Ensued...

I'm just going to put it out there: I went to MTV's The Challenge: Rivals II armed with pages worth of mental questions for the various veterans, champions, rookies, and in one case, a guy (Chris "CT" Tamburello) long overdue for a win. Things started out smoothly, as they usually do with a show like this. But very quickly big personalities abounded, guards were dropped as we got comfortable with each other (no, no one hooked up right there at the junket), and a couple of cast mates crashed one of my interviews. What followed was the perfect depiction of what life inside one of those Challenge houses really looks like (again, without the obligatory hooking up).

Rather than present a transcript where you would lose so much of the personalities of Zach Nichols, Leroy Garrett, Ryan Knight, and Tamburello that have made them MTV stars, I've just uploaded the roundtable interview in its unedited, uncensored form.

If you've seen any of Rivals II so far, you know punches are thrown, mouths are run, Tamburello hooks up, and the actual game is increasingly intense. But somehow these four managed to keep their senses of humor, and hopefully their cool, most of the time. 

Highlights within: explaining the term "TV tough guy" and who on Rivals II best fit the bill, bagging on CT for his age and his most recent hook-up, considering who they'd want their female Rivals to be, explaining the new rules about fighting in the house and who was involved in the most of those, as well as pretending to be fighting with each other now so they'd get paired up on the next season.

All I can say is if I ever have a talk show, or simply resurrect Wii with the Stars, I know who my first guests should be!

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