Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Director's Blog 3: On Collaboration and Getting Out Of My Head...

In my last Director's blog I talked a bit about the preparation that goes into a shoot, specifically when looking at locations, and how you can never really plan everything because production is a living, breathing thing, and being adaptable is the best asset you have for longevity in the business. But what I didn't mention then that I'd like to dive into a bit now is how sometimes the changes come not from complications but because of collaboration.

Production is not a solitary act. While sometimes there will only be one writer of a project, and there is only one script supervisor, every other department is made up of a team of people. And while there may be only one name listed after "director" on the credits, if that director is smart, he or she will rely on those various teams to strengthen the project-- even the vision of it.

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