Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'The Challenge' Made More 'Rivals' Than It Started With; Stephen Amell Coming to Hallmark; Dan Harmon Talks 'Rick and Morty'...

When MTV sets out to pair up their players for a new season of The Challenge: Rivals, they’re expecting people to give each other the side-eye, not trust each other, and attempt the dominate the tiny team of two. But in many ways, we’ve always assumed that by forcing these people to work together, MTV was trying to show them they’re not so different after all. Have a common goal, utilize your knowledge of each others' strengths and weaknesses to your advantage, and maybe even grow a little in the process as you journey for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a title. Whether the game has just gotten that much more intense or we were just giving them too much credit to begin with, though, at least two key teams came away angrier at each other at the end of the season than when they went in... [MORE]

Come this October, Stephen Amell is going to have two series on television-- well, sort of. The Arrow star is also attached to Hallmark Channel's newest original primetime series, When Calls the Heart. But the catch is, due to his commitments with The CW, he's only a part of this Hallmark pilot, which is its own self-contained movie of sorts... [MORE]

"Dan Harmon talks Rick and Morty Adult Swim experience compared to Community"

Dan Harmon was welcomed back to the bi-annual Television Critics Association Tour in Los Angeles earlier today, but not for his return to NBC's Community. Instead, Harmon was presenting his new Adult Swim animated comedy, Rick and Morty, about a time-traveling scientist grandfather and his somewhat reluctant sidekick grandson that was inspired by British sci-fi, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who, and "a little Back to the Future"... [MORE]

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