Friday, July 26, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Falling Skies' Penultimate Preview; Is 'Instant Mom' A More Family-Friendly Version of 'Trophy Wife'?; MTV Orders 2 Comedies, Announces 'Scream' Writers; Saying Good-Bye to 'Breaking Bad'...

"Noah Wyle, Sarah Carter, & Mpho Koaho preview Falling Skies explosions"

The initial alien invasion on TNT's Falling Skies might be behind the residents of this new Charleston-- so much so that they've even aligned themselves with an alien race to take out another alien race-- but things are hardly calming down. With the season finale almost upon us, and of course a mole amongst them, things are about to go from bad to worse as a literal explosion rocks the barracks, exploding character relationships and sanities in the process. Fighting with an army is on hold for a moment as many just have to fight for their lives... [MORE]

"Tia Mowry on if Instant Mom is a more family friendly version of Trophy Wife

The design of a family may be changing, but the design of family sitcoms still tends to follow a very specific formula. So specific that there are often more than one show on the same time with the same concept. Such is the case for Nickelodeon's Instant Mom and ABC's Trophy Wife, both shows about young women who marry slightly older men who come with a gaggle of kids who don't necessary welcome, let alone respect, the new mother figure in their lives.... [MORE]

"MTV orders two new comedies, announces Scream writers"

MTV held their bi-annual TCA presentation in Los Angeles this morning, and with them came a couple of key pick-up announcements in the area of comedy. Specifically that two new shows have been greenlit: Faking It and Happyland... [MORE]

"Vince Gilligan & Bryan Cranston on the end of Breaking Bad & their documentary" 

It's almost time for AMC to debut the final few episodes of Breaking Bad, and since there is arguably no other show on television as tense as this one, the wait to see these final few episodes has been nail-biting. Thankfully, the network brought the cast and creator to Los Angeles for one final TCA presentation for critics, LA TV Insider Examiner included. It was a time to say good-bye but with more emotions than spoilers... [MORE]

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