Monday, July 8, 2013

From LA Examiner: Jane Lynch Talks 'Hollywood Game Night'; Taylor Schilling on 'Orange is the New Black'...

With an extremely busy schedule between working on FOX's Glee here in Los Angeles and heading to the other coast to star on Broadway in Annie, Jane Lynch knows the value of spending a de-stressing night in with some good friends and friendly competition. That's why she often heads to Sean Hayes' house for rousing game nights and was equally excited to add another hosting credit to her resume by headlining his new game show, Hollywood Game Night on NBC... [MORE]

Piper Chapman, the protagonist in Netflix and Jenji Kohan's new original dramedy Orange is the New Black is something of a unicorn when she walks into a correctional facility to self-surrender for a years-old charge relating to her involvement with an international drug smuggler. The WASPy, upper middle class, skinny, blonde, "artisanal soap" entrepreneur isn't the type of woman one usually associates with incarceration. As it turns out, though, she's exactly the kind of person who can kick the cell door open and shed light on the very deep characters behind the inmate numbers and list of offenses... [MORE]

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