Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From LA Examiner: Lisa Kudrow Talks 'Web Therapy'; Jason Ritter Talks 'Us & Them'...

With a decade on a hit network television show under her belt, Lisa Kudrow knew she couldn't walk into a pitch meeting with a show designed around two talking heads because they wouldn't by something so simple in style, even if richly layered with colorful characters. But she was more than okay with that. Kudrow created Web Therapy along with Dan Bucatinsky and Don Roos to live on the web, and there, talking heads perfectly fit the theme and the format. After all, her Dr. Fiona Wallice was delivering Skype session therapy to strangers from all across the country through her computer, looking at just their faces, so why shouldn't the audience of the show watch it the same way? What could be considered limiting for some artists, Kudrow finds extremely freeing as a performer... [MORE]

"Jason Ritter previews Us & Them's "cinematic romantic comedy feel"

For the last few years, television fans have been falling in love with the dramatic side to Jason Ritter on NBC's Parenthood. There, as Mark Cyr, Ritter was a sweet, down-to-Earth, genuinely nice guy who entered into a relationship with someone who ultimately self-sabotaged and therefore couldn't fully return his love. See? We told you: dramatic. But this upcoming television season, Ritter will be starring as the male lead on FOX's new half-hour comedy Us & Them. Still playing a sweet, down-to-Earth, genuinely nice guy, Ritter will be able to show off a slightly different side of himself in tone, even if not completely character... [MORE]

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