Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From LA Examiner: Sarah Rice on Childhood Rival Amanda Bynes; Wes Bergmann, CT, & Heather Cooke Talk 'Rivals 2'...

One of the newer but arguably most beloved editions of MTV's The Challenge is Rivals, in which those cast members who had infamous fights or held years-long grudges against each other are paired up as teammates and asked to compete for the title and prize money together. And that's all well and good and makes for explosive TV, but what if these cast members were paired with a celebrity of a different scale? Challenge veteran Sarah Rice had no problem telling LA TV Insider Examiner why she and Amanda Bynes have beef that goes way further back than anything anyone on Rivals II have experienced... [MORE]

"The Challenge's Wes Bergmann on Rivals partner CT & MTV's career preparation"

MTV may have created the greatest love/hate relationship of all TV time (too much?) by constantly sticking Wes Bergmann and Chris "CT" Tamburello in close quarters on various Challenges. Though each man takes a very different approach to the game, both are Alphas in their own right. They clash; they physically brawl; they take low blows at each other because they know each other so well from years of history. Pit them up against each other, and blood will be shed, but put them together, and they should be beasts at the game, right? ... [MORE]

"CT Tamburello calls Rivals 2 a "clean slate", hopes to finally win this one!"

Chris "CT" Tamburello has appeared on ten different seasons of MTV's The Challenge, sampling just about every edition from The Gauntlet to The Duel to Rivals, and yet he has never walked away with the top prize or the title. It's shocking to think about, not only because of the amount of time and effort he put in but also because he has consistently been one of the most physically fit guys in the house. And yet, in seasons past, he has often gotten in his own way by hitting a housemate off the game field, breaking the rules and sending him home. The Rivals II, though, was a slightly different look for him... [MORE] 

"The Challenge's Heather Cooke on why Naomi going home was the best outcome"

Usually when someone goes home on MTV's The Challenge outside of being sent there by being a part of a losing team, it's because he or she couldn't keep his or her hands to themselves. Or because they quit, but we try not to talk about that because host T.J. Lavin really doesn't like quitters. But this time around, on Rivals II, Naomi Defensor willingly ejected herself from the game after learning her father was very sick. No one could blame her for choosing her "real" world (please forgive the pun) over the microcosm that the month or so in this game would have created. Her Rivals II partner Heather Cooke was especially in her corner, championing her to take care of things in a way you wouldn't normally expect from a so-called rival, especially when quitting could mean the other half of the team forfeits and gets sent home, too... [MORE]

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