Thursday, July 25, 2013

From LA Examiner: Shawn Ashmore Talks 'The Following' Season 2; Matt Smith Talks Leaving 'Doctor Who'; Kym Whitley on Her OWN Reality Series; Stephen Merchant Previews 'Hello Ladies'...

The second season of FOX's psychological serial killer drama, The Following, has yet to even go into production, but already the buzz is building from the Comic Con announcement that Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) isn't really dead and what that means for those around him. Since the second season will start with a time jump, the characters have had time to (hopefully) heal and grow since the literal explosive first season finale. And as much as Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) has a lot to get over from being stabbed, seeing the woman he loves be stabbed, and dealing with breaking protocol to get to Carroll, his acolyte Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) has just as much weighing on him... [MORE]

"Matt Smith talks leaving Doctor Who and the show going on without him"

When Matt Smith took the stage at the bi-annual Television Critics Association press tour this morning in Los Angeles, he started the day by saying that it was "business as usual" on the Doctor Who set, despite being about to embark upon filming his final episode as the Doctor. He, along with producer Marcus Wilson and "companion" Jenna Louise Coleman, were on site to promote the 50th Anniversary of the series, but naturally, attention was drawn greatly to Smith's exit and the future of the show without him. As the minutes ticked off, Smith did grow increasingly sentimental about his decision to leave the show... [MORE

"Kym Whitley talks about motherhood & the village she created on Raising Whitley"

Tell us if this sounds crazy: a woman signs up to mentor another young woman and ends up getting a call from a hospital saying "Your baby is ready." Rather than hanging up and assuming it's a prank or hanging up and running back to her cushy Hollywood lifestyle, the woman took a moment, took a breath, and then took in that baby. Oh wait, and there's more: then she somehow convinced her friends to band together with her to raise the child, who will probably turn out to mature most of them just as much as they do with him. It gives a whole other understanding of "it takes a village" to raise a child, doesn't it? Well, that's comedienne Kym Whitley's story, and that story is taking OWN by storm in reality series Raising Whitley... [MORE]

"Stephen Merchant previews his new HBO comedy Hello Ladies"

Stephen Merchant is taking a stab at being a leading man on a new HBO comedy that he also executive produces and directs. Hello Ladies centers on Merchant as the not-typical leading man type trying desperately to throw himself into the romantic world here in Los Angeles. It's a recipe for hilarious disaster for the guy who quips that "you probably wouldn't know it to look at me, but I was something of a nerd."... [MORE]

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