Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Spoilers; Luke Tipple Talks 'Capture'; Joseph Morgan Previews 'The Originals'; Robbie Amell on 'Tomorrow People'; ABC Family Renews 'Switched at Birth'; The Flash Coming to 'Arrow'...

At the end of Supernatural season eight, all four of the main and supporting characters were left in a state of change. Sam (Jared Padalecki) was physically altered, after having spent the season working to complete a rigorous set of trials that were meant to close the gates of Hell forever but actually had him journeying to hell and back in the process. Dean (Jensen Ackles) was left to watch his brother endure this physical torture while he could only want to fight alongside him. Castiel (Misha Collins) returned from Heaven as a human. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) underwent an exorcism of sorts to be "cured" of his own demonic nature. It is no wonder showrunner Jeremy Carver called season nine a season of soul-searching when LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with him in Los Angeles this evening! ... [MORE]

"Luke Tipple offers strategy tips for proving worth of the Capture hunt" 

As host of The CW's new competition series Capture, shark diving expert, marine biologist, and now television host Luke Tipple is basically a much more diplomatic version of T.J. Lavin on MTV's The Challenge. Each week Tipple will keep the hunter's game going smoothly by reminding of the rules, moderating over the votes, and generally summarizing the happenings as one team gets the honor of being the hunters and has to chase the others through a densely populated wooded area to capture two teams or risk being sent home themselves. Even when contestants make terrible errors, completely succumb to shortcomings, or give in to tensions with their own teammates or others', Tipple keeps the peace, all while reminding the at-home audience that though people are chasing each other through the woods, it's really just fun and competition-- you know, maybe a bit more like a really high stakes ($250,000 grand prize) game of tag rather than the could-be-fatal The Hunger Games... [MORE]

"Joseph Morgan on Klaus' "vulnerabilities" and "reveling" on The Originals"

We've always seen Klaus (Joseph Morgan) as a ruthless vampire figure who makes "a fair few pacts" but has no qualms about going back against his word, also would rather stab his family (often times literally) than risk revealing some of more forgiving, softer, dare we say vulnerable colors. Just because he is the center of the story on The Originals doesn't mean that is changing any time soon and Klaus is experiencing a giant revelation or moment of growth. What is notably different in this story, though, is that because he's the central figure, the audience gets to spend more alone time with him to see those other sides to him... [MORE]

"ABC Family renews Switched at Birth, orders more The Fosters & Twisted" 

ABC Family has decided to renew Switched at Birth for a third season today, and it has also ordered more episodes for the freshman seasons of The Fosters and Twisted... [MORE]

"Robbie Amell on similarities to his Tomorrow People role & one key powers rule"

On The CW's The Tomorrow People, Robbie Amell plays a young man who learns he is of a superior race than regular ole human beings. Quite literally, he is a homo superior, a class these titular "Tomorrow People" determined themselves to be because of the abilities they have, stemming from slight mutations in otherwise human DNA. Though Amell has abilities that range from teleportation to telekinesis and stopping time, he can't help but exhibit a lot of humanity, as well... [MORE]

"Arrow EPs discuss Flash Gordon and his powers (or lack thereof) on The CW" 

This morning at the bi-annual TCA presentation in Los Angeles, The CW President Mark Pedowitz addressed early buzz about Dr. Barry Allen aka Flash Gordon coming to the network by noting that he would be making an appearance in this upcoming second season of Arrow to potentially spin-off into his own series later. All of this while the Wonder Woman pilot still remains in development... [MORE]

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