Monday, July 1, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'The Writer's Room' Line-Up; 'Camp' Advance Review...

As the author of an On Writing column where we sit down with television scribes whenever possible to learn about their process, LA TV Insider Examiner was personally thrilled to see larger-scale attention be given to the often anonymous but always altogether important behind-the-scenes creative voices of programming when Sundance Channel announced plans to debut The Writer's Room this year. Now that we are only weeks away from being able to watch conversations with some of our favorite show creators, showrunners, and writers' room staff, we're thrilled to announce that the show's opening line-up is just as amazing as we hoped it would be... [MORE]

"Summer 2013 TV Preview: NBC's Camp"

When we were kids, all LA TV Insider Examiner wanted was to spend the summer with Mud and Zack and Trish at Camp Nowhere. We lived vicariously as those kids conned their parents and then spent a few glorious weeks of freedom, swimming in a lake, playing flashlight tag in the pitch black, eating Pop-Tarts and Slim Jims for every meal, and putting on shadow shows when it rained before it all came crashing down around them. Ultimately, we grew up, just as their characters most certainly did, but we were never quite able to fill the void of that one perfect summer in our own hearts and lives. And all of these years later, we are reminded of that once again, thanks to NBC's Camp, a new dramedy tailor-made for the nostalgic, telling blue sky summer tales through the eyes of mature-looking CITs and camp officials, rather than kids... [MORE]

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