Wednesday, July 3, 2013

'We Have Thoughts': 'Dexter' Comes Full Circle and 'Ray Donovan' Just Begins...

For the first time, Showtime has decided to put Dexter on in the heat of summer, and I personally couldn't be more thrilled, even though it ultimately means the show is coming to a final end sooner than it perhaps otherwise would.

Despite We Have Thoughts grading the serial killer series toughly in season six, both Maris and I agree that this is one of the strongest and most enjoyable shows out there, so we naturally had a lot to say about it. 

And coming into consideration this time around was also Showtime's new drama, Ray Donovan, which certainly has the potential to be as long-running for the network as Dexter was, but will it stir as much discussion between us? 


Ray Donovan

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