Monday, July 1, 2013

'We Have Thoughts': 'Under The Dome' Pilot vs. Book (Spoiler Free)...

In the vein of Fringe or The Following, this summer We Have Thoughts will be spending a lot of time over-analyzing CBS' Under The Dome. But unlike the previous two original series, this one is an (albeit loose) adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name. So while Marisa and I will be dissecting the show and its characters, we will also compare the story points and character arcs and personalities to those within the book. 

Only the pilot has aired so far (episode two tonight!!), but already there are a lot of notable changes. If you're reading the book along with the show, or if you have plans to read it eventually but have yet to start, this particular vodcast discussion will not spoil you on major print plot points. However, as we continue to check in with the series over the course of the summer, we will talk much more in-depth and therefore with potential spoilers. 

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