Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cutting Room Floor Commentary: Mark Pellegrino Attempts to Justify Lucifer...

When I sat down with Mark Pellegrino at The CW TCA in Los Angeles to talk about The Tomorrow People (more on that soon!), we inevitably got on the subject of some of his past "bad guy" work-- namely Dexter, which I brought up based on a certain theory of how the show may end, as well as his most recent turn on Revolution, and especially Supernatural. Though he is gone, on these shows, he is certainly not forgotten by the fans, and he proved to me that he has certainly not forgotten about the shows or characters either. In fact, in the latter case, he brought it up on his own that he wanted to justify Lucifer-- because even when he plays "bad guys" he doesn't approach them as that black and white.

Pellegrino knew he probably wouldn't convert any fans over to his point of view, but he wanted to explain himself and his case nonetheless.

"There's a reason he hates mankind. The reason he hates mankind is because his father betrayed him... Now imagine if you lived your life in adoration of a person who you thought the sun rose and set on because they were so moral and just and good, and suddenly this person said 'You are not of the stature that you believe you are...' Screw virtue, you have to now become a servant of this creature who is capable of tremendous evil," Pellegrino said.
"You could say that Lucifer, his pride was piqued, but I think he had a sense of justice and that rewarding someone who's morally inferior with virtue or the fruits of virtue was unjust to him and inconceivable, so he said no. And he was punished in terms that I think were...unjust."

I have to admit, we do see Pellegrino's point when it comes to understanding Lucifer's emotional state and reasoning, but I don't agree that it justifies his behavior. Maybe it's optimism to think you should rise above the wrongs done to you by doing better to others and the next generation... But Pellegrino's passion is admirable nonetheless!

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