Friday, August 2, 2013

From LA Examiner: Andy Samberg Previews 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'; Kevin Biegel Previews 'Enlisted'; 'Aways Sunny' S9 Spoilers; Dylan Bruce Coming to 'Arrow'; Noah Wyle Previews 'Falling Skies' Finale; 'AHS: Coven' Spoilers...

Television fans best know Andy Samberg as a sketch player on SNL or even the still larger-than-life park ranger on Parks and Recreation, but this fall he is coming to FOX as the star and center of a new half-hour comedy about a police precinct. Right away, that may raise some eyebrows. The world of police work isn't a notoriously funny one, as countless procedurals and crime dramas point out week after week, some on the same network. So how will Samberg find the balance between staying true to his improv nature without making the character too big or broad on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? ... [MORE]

"Enlisted's Kevin Biegel previews his Army "workplace comedy"

Kevin Biegel has a new show coming to FOX that is much more autobiographical than anything he's done before. Set in the military and centered on an older brother returning from war to lead a somewhat "misfit" unit of soldiers on an American base, Enlisted is out to tackle the world of the soldiers who are left behind at home to make sure everything is taken care of for those soldiers that will return later. Biegel himself did not serve, but he has many family members that have, and during the FOX TCA presentation in Los Angeles, he stressed the importance of keeping the show grounded in the reality of that intense world, even while letting his characters be goofy and off-beat... [MORE

"Always Sunny season 9 revisits the national gun debate & takes on award snubs"

FX Networks is expanding their brand at the end of this year, launching FXX and FXM in addition to their FX. Rather than create niche channels for comedy and drama, they are targeting a specific audience with each one. FXX is aimed at the youngest demographic, using "one of [FX's] greatest success stories" to launch the channel. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will premiere its ninth season there this fall. Fans may find the show in a new place now, but it's the same ole gang they know and love! ... [MORE

"Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce heads to The CW's Arrow"

Hot Paul is coming to The CW! I mean, with an affectionate fan nickname like that, how could he not, right? It's the perfect fit! In all seriousness (and professionalism), Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce has booked a guest spot on Arrow as a new co-worker of Laurel's (Katie Cassidy)... [MORE]

"Noah Wyle previews lots of answers & resurrection on the Falling Skies finale"

It has been a year of adjustment for Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and really all of the former 2nd Mass on TNT's Falling Skies. From dealing with a son who was paralyzed, to becoming acting President, to learning that same son had been taken over and that there was a mole amongst the group, to surviving a plane crash and a couple of city explosions, to losing his wife and daughter, you'd think the former teacher would just want to take a break for a little while. But of course he can't. Not only is he the leader of his family, but he is the leader of these people, and he has to keep them safe and sane as life around them drags them into a sea of suspicion and threats come from every corner-- even in their own camp... [MORE]

"FX TCA Talk: American Horror Story: Coven live-blog with characters revealed"

FX presented a panel for American Horror Story: Coven during their TCA sessions in Los Angeles today, bringing series stars Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett to the ballroom. This was hot on the heels of series executive producer Ryan Murphy's announcement that Alexandra Breckenridge would also be returning to the anthology series. That's a lot of strong female talent on one show, isn't it? They certainly hope you feel that way because that's a theme of the show this season. LA TV Insider Examiner live-blogged the session to bring you the scoop! ... [MORE]

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