Monday, August 12, 2013

From LA Examiner: Jim Rash Talks 'The Writers' Room'; Peyton List Previews 'The Tomorrow People'; First Look at 'Supernatural' S9 + Gildart Jackson Guest Starring...

"Jim Rash talks about The Writers' Room and offers advice for up-and-comers"

Jim Rash has won an Oscar for his film adaptation The Descendants, a ton of acclaim for his indie darling The Way Way Back, and additional Community fan love and support for the body-swapping episode he penned in the series' fourth season. But now the writer/director/actor is proving to be a quadruple threat by hosting Sundance Channel's The Writers' Room, in which he picks the brains of some of the other best in the biz... [MORE]

Peyton List previews her "passionate" and "protective" The Tomorrow People role"

From her earliest days as a guest star on Without a Trace to her much more recent turn on Mad Men, Peyton List has captured the audience's attention with her very grounded, and at times gritty portrayals of strong women in various real world scenarios. For her next television project, though, she's getting to kick a bit more literal butt as a "homo superior"-- literally a member of an advanced species who can communicate telepathically-- on The CW's new genre drama, The Tomorrow People... [MORE]

"First Look: Supernatural season nine takes Castiel out of the trenchcoat"

File this one under: Supernatural fans work fast. When The CW's official series Twitter account shared a pixelated, behind-the-scenes image this morning and asked fans to rally for 2000 ReTweets to unlock the actual rare image, it only took about half an hour to get the desired results. Hell-atus gets a lot shorter with brand new footage of the boys, doesn't it... [MORE]

"Whodunnit's Gildart Jackson out to solve a new mystery on Supernatural S9"

When LA TV Insider Examiner talked with Whodunnit? reality show "butler" and host Gildart Jackson, he said that his character there was pretty much followed by death, but the same could arguably be said about the actor himself. From Charmed to the aforementioned ABC series and now to The CW's Supernatural, Jackson is constantly surrounded by-- albeit fictional-- darkness and destruction... [MORE]

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