Monday, August 26, 2013

From LA Examiner: Paley Fall Preview Panelists; Marcus Lemonis on 'The Profit'; Luke Mitchell Previews 'The Tomorrow People'; 'Bunheads' Says Good-Bye With One Last Dance...

Hot on the heels of the Paley Center for Media's announcement of the what and when of their Fall 2013 Preview events comes the who. Today the panelists for all evenings-- CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, ABC, and the special Dexter finale and China Beach anniversary-- have been announced... [MORE]

"Not even The Profit aka Marcus Lemonis can save LA Dogworks"

Marcus Lemonis has been compared by his own network to Gordon Ramsay, but that is one comparison he feels slightly unfair because unlike the foul-mouthed chef and restauranteur, Lemonis doesn't scream and throw things in order to get the businesses he attempts to help on CNBC's The Profit to turn around. Additionally, Lemonis is offering cash for a percentage of the business and by ponying up, he often makes the tough determination to never work with a business again because of how appalling the behavior is, rather than to push through for the sake of television... [MORE]

"The Tomorrow People's Luke Mitchell on exploring reluctant leader John's past"

Just watching the pilot episode of The CW's new real-world superhero genre series The Tomorrow People, you might assume that John Young (Luke Mitchell) is the clear-cut good guy. He's the leader of his kind for a reason, right? He must not only be extremely trusted among his people but also be just as good at keeping Ultra at bay. And in the pilot alone it becomes apparent just how adamant he is that all new "break-outs" join his team, so he certainly wants to keep his people together and safe. But things are not usually what they seem when such complicated matters are at hand... [MORE]

"Bunheads says good-bye to fans with one last dance"

ABC Family opted not to renew Bunheads earlier this summer, much to the tears of the dance-drama's fans. But they weren't the only ones who felt a little shortchanged by the abrupt ending. The cast and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino became a family while in production-- a family as close as that little, fictional Paradise town. And they wanted to get together professionally one last time to pay tribute to what they had created in their rare teen drama that was not angst-ridden or sensationalized with teachable moments, but also to the fans... [MORE]

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