Monday, August 19, 2013

From LA Examiner: Sam Underwood Reflects on 'Dexter'; Lucas Grabeel Talks 'Switched at Birth'; Mark Pellegrino Previews 'The Tomorrow People'; Krista Allen on 'Melissa & Joey'...

"Tina Fey heads to FOX with a new sitcom ordered straight to series"

Tina Fey is back in the television business! 30 Rock came to a planned end earlier this year on NBC with Liz Lemon (Fey) finally "getting it all"-- and adopting two kids who were pretty much miniature versions of Tracy and Jenna anyway, proving all of her life was preparation for that moment. But Fey is already jumping back into original series work with a currently untitled new comedy for FOX... [MORE]

"Sam Underwood reflects on his Dexter arc"

On Showtime's eighth and final season of serial killer drama Dexter, the writers deftly brought the show's themes full circle by introducing a new budding serial killer Zach Hamilton (Sam Underwood) and putting Dexter Morgan himself (Michael C. Hall) in the mentor seat the way his father before him was for him. Tasked with either killing the kid or helping him control his compulsions through the code, Dexter chose the latter, a bit at the insistence-- or manipulation, depending on where you stand-- of Dr. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling). As it turned out, that wasn't the best decision for either Dexter or his young protege... [MORE]

It has been a long and somewhat rocky road for Toby Kennish (Lucas Grabeel) on ABC Family's Switched at Birth. To an outsider, it may look like the young man is extremely together. He has a comfortable and stable position in the family business, and he's on track to get married and therefore more officially settle down. It's a far cry from the kid who was in over his head with gambling debts when we first met him on the show! But that doesn't mean that Toby's necessarily on the right track for him. After all, he has given up a lot of what he really loves as he sprints toward this "mature" future that everyone assumes they "should" want... [MORE] 

"Is Mark Pellegrino the hero of The Tomorrow People? He weighs in on motivation"

Mark Pellegrino has played a lot of unconventional villains on television shows. From Rita's abusive, addict ex-husband on Dexter, to Lucifer incarnated on Supernatural, to Monroe's once-right hand man on Revolution, Pellegrino has perfectly portrayed men who will stop at nothing to follow out a plan they feel is necessary-- even if they are misguided. Once again, his role on The CW's The Tomorrow People fits nicely into that pocket of complex individuals driven by a very specific mission and sense of morality. And once again, Pellegrino isn't looking at the role as a villainous type but instead hoping to layer enough motivation and meaning into him that the audience will understand his stance and perhaps even root for him... [MORE]

"Exclusive Sneak Peek: Joe Lawrence romances Krista Allen on Melissa & Joey"

Last year Krista Allen was part of a very "inside Hollywood" red carpet relationship story on the dramatic The L.A. Complex on The CW, but last we saw her, she was settling a bet between Jeff and Audrey on the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement. When LA TV Insider Examiner had sat down with her to talk about the former, she mentioned wanting to move her career in the sitcom direction, so the latter project was a perfect fit. And so is her latest gig, ABC Family's Melissa & Joey, on which she is set to appear on in the episode entitled "Teach Your Children"... [MORE]

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