Monday, August 5, 2013

From LA Examiner: Spotlight on Sam Underwood; Jeremy Carver Talks 'Supernatural'; MTV Renews 'Awkward'...

To look at Sam Underwood in photographs and headshots, you wouldn’t assume there was a deep darkness lurking behind his bright eyes. To sit down with him over coffee, you certainly wouldn’t feel darkness informing his energetic storytelling. Yet the two projects that will define his early television career are ones in which Underwood embodies disturbed young men trying to fill a void through extreme circumstances. It’s a testament to his talent that casting directors and producers were able to push past the all-American boy-next-door physicality to see the richness of character within. Though Underwood appeared on ABC’s Zero Hour, in addition to a number of classic theater productions that range from Hamlet to Equus, it is Showtime’s Dexter that is really causing audiences to sit up and take note of him... [MORE

A couple of days ago LA TV Insider Examiner brought you our TCA chat with Supernatural executive producer Jeremy Carver. In it, he talked about a lot of "junk" falling from heaven on season nine, which to us, implied more than traditional angels fell at the end of last year. What about the souls of those Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) knew and loved and perhaps saved at one time or another-- but then couldn't save at another time? Their rank may not have been of Biblical portions up in Heaven, but they were up there. For a few, like Ellen (Samantha Ferris) and Ash (Chad Lindberg), we even saw them up there. So could they be finding their way back to appear on season nine? ... [MORE]

"MTV picks up Awkward season 4 with new showrunners" 

Awkward series creator Lauren Iungerich left the MTV series earlier this summer, after wrapping production on the third, super-sized season (which will return with new episodes in October 2013). Today, though, the network announced plans to move forward with the series without Iungerich... [MORE]

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