Thursday, August 15, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Whodunnit?' Season Finale Photos; 'Husbands' Season 3 Scoop; CW Seed Launches; Wilson Bethel Talks 'Hart of Dixie' S3...

"First Look: Whodunnit?'s season finale returns to the dead"

With only four "guests" remaining on ABC's murder mystery reality series Whodunnit?, everything is on the line for the three remaining contestants. Well, there are actually four left alive, but one of them is a double agent-- the killer hiding in plain site among the "scared" and "spared"-- and he or she doesn't have as much at stake. After all, the winner who is able to finish the final game testing "speed and memory" will unmask the killer and win $250,000. Who takes home the check and the bragging rights? And who goes home in handcuffs? All is revealed-- and oh yeah, the dead return!-- on "Golden Cuffs"... [MORE

"Husbands' Jane Espenson & Brad Bell talk transitioning season 3 to CW Seed"

Fans of Husbands have a big reason to celebrate: though season three has found a new home (on CW Seed), the series will not be delivering a new tone or even new stories based on what their new network may have wanted. Instead, Jane Espenson and Brad Bell said that CW Seed just wanted them to keep doing what they were doing-- which means more of the humor and heart you have come to know and expect, even if there are some new faces popping up in Cheeks (Bell) and Brady's (Sean Hemeon) world... [MORE] 

"CW Seed launches with Husbands, The P.E.T. Squad Files, Gallery Mallory, & Backpackers"

The CW has officially launched their new online network CW Seed, and the four series that are kick-starting the original content are available for your devouring right now! ... [MORE]

"Wilson Bethel previews clothed Wade on Hart of Dixie S3 & new online series"

While George Tucker (Scott Porter) seems to spiral a bit, at least early on season three of Hart of Dixie, Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel) is actually getting things together-- well, as much as he can. The fun-loving, laid back guys tends to get in his own way when it comes to relationships, but it has been proven that when it comes to business, a lot of other obstacles pop up... [MORE]

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