Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vote for Madison to be Fazzino's Latest Subject!...

A few years ago I commissioned an original Charles Fazzino piece to celebrate all of the television that shaped my childhood and my love of the entertainment industry. I always had the plan to commission a couple others-- one that celebrated the shows that shaped the early part of my career in the entertainment industry, and one that was a celebration of my best buddy and dog-child, Madison Chandler. Let's just say the money to do either hasn't come together yet.

But now Fazzino is giving his fans and collectors the opportunity to have their adorable, furry best friends immortalized in a new limited edition pop art piece dedicated to all things dogs. The winners get a copy of the piece, and runners-up get a book that features a sketch of the piece. In order to win, you have to have the most amount of votes or "likes" on Facebook, so I'm rallying all of my friends, family, readers, and social media followers to please help Madison become as famous as he deserves and be beloved in many households, not just my own.

I submitted Madison this morning, after an hour-long Sophie's Choice event of going through my literal thousands of photographs of him to try to find the perfect one. I restrained myself-- but just barely-- from submitting one of him in a tree. Although I would be so thrilled to see him represented that way in the piece should we win, I fully admit those aren't the best quality shows I have of him since I always feel rushed, and my iPhone doesn't do much to fix the lighting of often too-bright days.

But in case you're not sure if Madison deserves your vote yet, I submit a few other angles so you can see just how photogenic and perfect for art he is. He really doesn't have a bad side!

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