Monday, September 16, 2013

Director's Blog #6: Learning To Love (Or At Least Tolerate) ADR...

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I absolutely hate ADR. Whether I’m watching a movie or my favorite television show or even a simple commercial, I can always tell when the sync is slightly off and the words that are coming out of the actors’ mouths aren’t actually, exactly coming out of the actors’ mouths. Sometimes it’s due to censors dropped down after production, requiring new lines to be recorded and fit over pre-existing footage (my favorite case here is the case of Mean Girls changing “vag odor” to “fat whore” when Regina is telling the principal what something in the burn book says). Sometimes it’s just a case of production sound not being clean (read: quiet) enough to pick up the actual line. Sometimes it’s because the director wants a different delivery that he or she didn’t get on the day. The latter baffles me the most; do your homework and come to play prepared on set, people! But regardless, the end result means actors standing in a booth, watching themselves on a giant screen, hearing playback in their ears, and trying to mimic the line as best as possible so no one can nitpick like me and say things don’t look like they match. It’s costly; it’s technological; and I advise trying to avoid it at all costs.

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