Tuesday, September 24, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Castle' Season Premiere Review; 'Once Upon A Time' Neverland Spoilers; FOX Orders 'Gotham'...

"Castle's season 6 premiere: The review that should have been"

ABC's Castle's sixth season premiere, "Valkyrie", opened in the moments immediately following Castle (Nathan Fillion) pulling out the ring, allowing the characters to discuss how serious he was and how it sounded like he was breaking up with Beckett (Stana Katic) but also allowing the audience to get her answer immediately. But then it catapulted the show-- and Beckett-- in time and distance to her new FBI training, where she wasn't the self-assured, always hero she has been within the NYPD. Instead she made mistakes. Big ones. She had to relearn a lot of things and rid herself of other habits. She was no longer looking at evidence but intel, and the instincts that made her such a good detective, caring about victims and witnesses and hostages, can and did trip her up in the bigger leagues. It was great to finally get to see a different side to Beckett and some different vulnerability from her, too, even if it did prove to be a bit short-lived. But it was even better to see her play off Lisa Edelstein, as her senior partner who seemed to see a lot of herself in Beckett, flaws and all. "Valkyrie" was a true chance for Katic to stand alone and shine... [MORE] 

"Once Upon A Time EPs preview Neverland, psychology, & Pan as ultimate villain!?"

ABC's Once Upon A Time is once again starting its season in a strange new world-- for its characters as well as its audience. When Henry (Jared Gilmore) was snatched by two real world villains doing the bidding of a secretive "Home Office" in the season finale, his family formed the most unlikely road trip-- well, boat trip-- and set sail after him to bring him home. The journey will bring all of our beloved characters, from Henry to his mother Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and her parents Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) to the slightly more villainous Regina (Lana Parrilla), Rumple (Robert Carlyle), and Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) to Neverland-- a world where little boys, led by Peter Pan, never grow up. But none of the characters in Once Upon A Time are exactly what we'd expect them to be from the stories we may have grown up reading or watching, so true to its form, neither is Peter Pan nor the world which he inhabits. Emma may have been a fish out of water stepping into the cursed Storybrooke in season one, but here we have a group of fish out of water trying to navigate a dark and dangerous jungle to ward off Lost Boys and find Henry... [MORE]

"FOX orders Gotham straight to series"

Yet another comic book series will be coming to television-- but not until 2014. Deadline broke the news earlier today that FOX has officially committed to Gotham from Bruno Heller and Warner Bros. TV with a straight-to-series order... [MORE]

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